The Sapphire Coast, Kwa-Zulu Natal

THE #SapphireCoast is a place where abundant natural beauty and wildlife exist alongside stylish modern #shoppingmalls, luxury #accommodation#restaurants, and sports facilities.

The area is renowned for its beaches and wealth of ocean activities, from #Fishing#surfing, and #scubadiving to paddling in the lagoons or white water rafting. It also has a rich sense of cultural diversity, from traditional Zulu art and crafts to spicy Indian food and the oldest natural golf course in the country.

‘The place of sweet water’ has something for everyone.

In 1828, the legendary Zulu King Shaka led his people on an epic journey down the wild south coast of KwaZulu-Natal. After a long march, he stopped to rest beside a cool river that flowed into the Indian Ocean. King Shaka drank deeply from the river and pronounced “kanti la manzi amtoti!” – “so the water is sweet.”

The river and the town that later developed around it would henceforth be named #Amanzimtoti.

The Sapphire Coast is known for its wealth of ocean activities, whether you are looking for adventure or a relaxing family holiday. This stretch of coast has some of the most idyllic beaches in the country, with excellent swimming conditions and a high safety standard.

Amanzimtoti Main Beach, Warner Beach, Winklespruit, Karridene, and Umgababa are protected by shark nets and watched over by professional lifeguards.

For the adventurous at heart, there are epic surfing spots at Amanzimtoti Main Beach, Clansthal, Widenham, and Warner Beach.

This coast is famed for its quality right-hand point-breaks and beach breaks, which work particularly well in the winter months when big swells come marching up from the ‘Cape of Storms’.

The Sapphire Coast has excellent fishing conditions, particularly between May and November, with shad, salmon, barracuda, and snoek among the catches.

Amanzimtoti is the venue for the ‘Summer Showdown’, which is the biggest shore angling competition in KwaZulu-Natal.

This magnificent coast extends from Athlone Park in the north to Clansthal in the south and boasts 40 kilometres of golden beaches and lush coastal forests, interspersed with lively coastal villages.

In addition, Gary Beach Rides are an exhilarating adventure around Amanzimtoti and is a great way to enjoy the scenery on horseback.

The Sapphire Coast is perfectly located, bordered by the city on one side and the unspoiled beauty of the south coast on the other.

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